The SHEAR Glass and Aluminium Team

Scotty and Ryan are the two experienced and friendly faces that make up the SHEAR Glass and Aluminium team.

Both are hard-working family-men, so much so that the name SHEAR is an acronym for themselves and their children (Scotty, Halle, Eddy, Anna and Ryan).

SHEAR also stands for: Skilful. Hard-working. Efficient. Approachable.  Reliable. And this is what we promise to be.

Scotty Weatherstone

Scotty started out in carpentry before deciding to specialise in glass and aluminium. His expertise in both areas means he can often perform jobs that might otherwise require hiring an extra tradesman.

Scotty has extensive experience as a Site Manager, running large commercial projects. Though he has been in the construction industry for 17 years, he has the enthusiasm of a kid on his first day at school.

Scotty is excited about creating a product that he can proudly show you when the job is completed. And one that you can’t wait to show your own family and friends.

His energy levels come close to superhuman. Even on his days off you are more likely to find him chopping wood or playing golf than putting his feet up. His boundless energy coupled with his eagerness to provide a durable, well-designed product is a recipe that results in quality jobs, done quickly.

If it can be done, Scotty won’t stop until it is.

Ryan Murphy

Ryan has been working in the glass and aluminium industry for over 10 years. In that time he has gained a wealth of knowledge about the large range of products on the market. He will use that knowledge to help you determine exactly what you need to fulfill your renovation goals.

Ryan has a passion for clean lines and meticulous attention to detail. Nothing is too much trouble and he always shows up with a positive attitude and a smile.  

He knows, though, that his success in business relies not on his own happiness but on yours. So he will work tirelessly to ensure your renovation visions are brought to life before calling it a day.

When his tools are down you’re likely to find him enjoying a day in the sun on a boat with his family or barracking for the Sharks at the pub.

Contact the team

Visit our Contact SHEAR page to get in touch with either Scotty or Ryan.